Our Service

With over 13 years of experience our service is second to none. Our knowledge professionalism and continued dedication to provide a product of the utmost possible quality ensures that high customer satisfaction is always achieved. At Boyle Joinery we pride ourselveson providing a quality service to all of our clients.

The complete service
If you are purchasing stairs for the first time you may not know the process of arranging and ordering stairs for your home or development. At Boyle Joinery we manage the complete process. From your initial idea or requirement, we will put together a design. We can complete a survey of your home and provide you with drawings if required. We then produce stain and polish the stairs and then we fit them into your home.

Who are our customers?
Anyone, who needs stairs. No job is too big or small. Detailed below are the types of projects that we worked on.

New build
Whether your new build has already been completed or you are just in the planning stages we can be of service to you. We have worked on new build projects at all stages of development and will be happy to assist you at any stage. If you come to us with your plans we can help you pick a design and provide you with options that will suit your type of property. We can help you decide on design type, timber and style of spindle.

Existing Homes / Renovation Projects
As with any other piece of furniture stairs can be replaced. A vast number of our customers are people who want to add a touch of style to their home by adding quality stairs. Probably one of the most practical pieces of furniture in the home stairs can also be one of the most decorative. We also have a lot of customers who are involved in renovation projects of properties. As part of the renovation of a property, existing stairs can be replaced or the location of stairs can be moved. In either case we can work with you to provide you with the stairs you need.

Attic Conversion
Need more space or building up you will need stairs. With the increased cost and hassle of moving home more and more people are using the attic in their home to provide more space for storage or additional rooms. We can provide stairs,
which will give you easy access to your attic. Even if the access point to your attic is tight we should be able to help.

Housing Developments
Boyle Joinery have serviced a number of housing developments projects very successfully. We can provide developers with a number of options and can also provide custom designed stairs if that if that is what the developers clients require. We have been involved in providing stairs for show houses to help enhance the appeal of a property for sale. No job is to big or small. Put our expertise to work on your development project and you won’t be disappointed.

Commercial Clients
As well as servicing the housing market we also service businesses. We have installed stairs in offices, shops and warehouses and work with loft specialists, architects and surveyors.